2021 Is the Time to Start Living your Dream!


In 2020 we stayed at home. We learned from home, we worked from home, we lived and laughed (and maybe cried) at home. 

  • Maybe it was perfect…maybe it was the first time you were able to share that much time in that space with your family. 

  • Maybe it wasn’t so perfect…maybe you needed more room for your children to learn from home, or maybe you needed a designated work space that wasn’t a closet or that perfect angle in your bathroom where no one on zoom could tell where you were. 

  • Maybe you have a big empty house that made the quarantine feel like isolation, or maybe you had a smaller full house that made you feel like you were the ring leader at the zoo.

The bottom line is, in 2020 we learned what it was like to be at home:  the space, the size, the layout – for the first time we became glaringly aware of what we needed and what we didn’t.

Welcome to 2021. It’s a new year, life is precious, vaccines are coming, and it’s time to start living our best lives. The reality of going back to work or back to school or back on vacation is still a little blurry – but what is crystal clear – is that we all long for change. 

We now know what is most important to us, what we really want and need, and we are ready to make the changes necessary to make our dreams a reality. We also now know that there has never been a better time to start achieving those dreams than by getting the most $$ out of your home. According to the chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, “…current sales prices are far stronger than a year ago, with median home prices in the Northeast region up over 17%…”. Yun also remarked at how quickly sales are happening with  “…homes going under contract on average at less than a month due to a backlog of buyers wanting to take advantage of record-low mortgage rates…”. 

In conclusion, depending on your dream, positioning yourself now by maximizing your profits is the best way to start.

It’s time to make a move. Let us help you make it.